With leather j’s being everyones AW go-to, it’s important to mix up designs.
AW17 isn’t the time for plain black jackets or fur collars; AW17 is the season of bold prints, scribbles, colours and patterns.
Keep it groovy, kids.

Black is the classic leather j colour, but mixing it up with some colour and patterns – no matter how odd – puts a spin on a simple look.


The patterns on this jacket are back to front and top to tail with a star on the chest and an eye on the back.

My jacket is from Zara and cost £45.99. The piping and contrasting of colours give the jacket a biker feel, while the cut and fit keep it girly. It fits pretty comfortably anyway, but I got size XS for a tailored fit.

Red helps these little doodles stand out the way they do, helped by the streaks of white and pretty odd concepts behind them. The zip and other metal details are in perfect ratio to each doodle with each being perfectly placed without overwhelming the jacket.

The simplicity of the design with the funky doodles is a balanced match made in leather heaven.

Leather j’s are undeniably fundamental to every wardrobe, which is why I think it’s important to have a variety of fits, designs and cuts. With variety comes understanding of how each jacket works on and with you.


With statement and classic in mind, I can’t recommend adding a funky leather j to your wardrobe more…

Or… have a look at the colourful ones in circulation. Bershka and Missguided have some funky pastel leather j’s in at the moment.

I can see those making an appearance in my AW17 wardrobe.

What leather j’s are you sporting this summer?
Josie Marie xo

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