The Essentials To Eye-shadow Blending

Eye-shadow can be a difficult thing to crack. Sometimes it feels like the only cracks are in your concealer base. I live for the moment when all blending is done and it is time to apply foundation – I class this as the time when one is out of the colourful woods and can start on the much-easier-to-crack complexion. That’s not to say that contouring isn’t difficult, of course, but it is undeniably easier to pull off powders that aren’t green or blue or purple.

I have found in my not-so-extensive, but very effective, years of eye-shadow application that the trick to flawless blending comes down to 3 things: the brush itself, the way you hold the brush and the way you move the brush. And in true Josie Marie style, here is a little piece of prose on my findings:


You will find no success in a bad brush. I am very aware of the saying “a good workman never blames his tools”, yet I am also aware that the good work man must invest in worthwhile tools for the best possible result. Regarding blending, it is good to have a large, fluffy and synthetic brush for transition shades as well as general blending, and also a slightly smaller, but equally as fluffy, one for the nitty-gritty blending details. My favourites are the BH Cosmetics 101 Blending Brush, “a fluffy fibred brush ideal for creating a flawlessly blended finish” and the 103 small shader brush for more precise blending.


With brush importance in mind, one must also remember that the best way to hold the blending brush is loose and relatively low down on the handle. The handle is that long for a reason – use it. The looser and lower your grip means the more fluid your blending strokes become. A loose grip eases off the physical (and mental!) pressure in a way that allows you to focus on certain areas for major colour impact without applying too much product and exhausting the shadow in one area.


Back and forth is good, but so is circular. My advice is to apply first with gentle circles and gradually largen them. And then, once effectively applied, run the brush back and forth to ensure all areas of your lid have been accounted for. Blending is tedious, and it can rattle everyone’s patience, but keeping these ideas in mind next time you put brush to canvas will show a huge difference in the way your eyeshadow sits.

We live in a world where blending is pinnacle to achieving the perfect eye look, and without the fundamental skills in check, you may be playing up to bad habits. Don’t give in to temper or terrible habits and master the art of blending before unfortunate habits define your looks.

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