The Oily Diaries: Rose Hip Oil

Incorporating rose hip oil into my skincare routine for oily skin does not make me a walking contradiction. Why? Because it’s anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties shrink pores, smooth the skin and create a second-skin-style barrier. Sometimes you should fight fire with fire.

If you had told me two months ago that an oil would revolutionise my skincare routine, I would have laughed. Yet rose hip oil became the perfect product to kick start The Oily Diaries.

Those of us that suffer with oily skin may wince at the idea of using oil in our daily beauty routine. But an organic product, coupled with the right knowledge, can be utilised to create incredible anti-oil results.

The Product

Rose hip oil occurs by being extracted from the seeds of the plants accessory fruit. And the main reason for its desirable results is that it is high in linoleic & linolenic essential fatty acids. These already exist within the epidermis and play a crucial role in helping nourish the epidermal cells.

I have been using RosehipPLUS. Their products include a glass bottle with a droplet applicator and a portable roll on tube. I’ve grown to love the roll-on applicator more than I initially anticipated – the metal massager ball doubles up as a precise, portable applicator as well as a lip balm.


Morning and evening, after cleansing, I massage three drops into my skin. Following the first evening I applied it, I woke up the following morning feeling both greasy and foolish for not following the recommended “two to three drops.” A nano-drop on each cheek and the forehead really is the perfect amount.

Use rose hip oil not only sparingly, but with consideration to it’s properties. I apply it directly after my cleansing to ensure it fully sinks into fresh pores and does not affect the moisturiser or make-up I may put on top. On the days that I don’t wear make-up however, I mix it on the back of my hand with my moisturiser for application.

I also leave my skin to breathe with the product for 10 minutes before applying make-up or putting face to pillow. Those essentials minutes for uninterrupted absorbance really help eradicate any greasiness it could leave.


The anti-inflammatory effect of rose hip oil combats has shrunk my pores in a way no other product, even those specifically designed for this purpose, have managed to. As a result, my skin’s inherent oil production has been minimised (larger pores = oilier skin.)

The smoothness, the evened tone and the increased elasticity of my skin have determined rose hip oil as crucial to my make-up routine. I use it religiously, morning and evening, and have never had seen my skin so radiant. What’s more, the way that my make-up applies is better than ever – no oily patches to break it up, nor are there any dry patches for it to cling to.

Like I said, I’d have laughed if you had told me two months ago that an oil would revolutionise my skincare routine. But no laughs here – just polished, perfect skin.

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