I’m A Boux Avenue Ambassador!

In a break from essay writing and debating the essence of highlighting, I am now a student ambassador for Boux Avenue! My content is taking an exciting turn toward representing my favourite lingerie brand, as well as writing about make-up.

I have always avoided gimmicky writing and content clichés when writing, and my work with Boux Avenue won’t be changing that. And so, it’ll be no surprise that I plan to keep things colourful and funky as ever. My work with Boux Avenue will stay true to the philosophy of my blog and my love of colourful aesthetics and creative language and angles.

Think silk for lounge style, hot water bottles as friday-night-in clutch bags and underwear turned outerwear. I’ll be styling their lingerie, pyjamas, activewear and cute accessories, and showing how I utilise my Boux essentials. I’ll also be providing you with collection sneak peaks and decent deals – you can currently get 20% off all of the new in section on their website with my code JOSIEOBOUX20.

Beauty blogger turned Boux ambassador – a perfect medley on Josie-Marie.com.


Exciting things to come, stay tuned!

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