Thinking In Pink

A few months ago I wrote something about why pink and orange are the colours of Spring. My follow up from that, which I have testified to already, is that these colours have followed me into winter.

Call me lazy, call me biased, but regardless of season, I’ll always lean towards bright colours.

And I’ll always be intrigued with how we can make these work in style and make-up. As the Winter season’s celebrations kick off and I’m not ready to fully commit to black aesthetics, I’m still serving semi-colourful looks.

A new wave of pink has woven itself into current style (I’m thanking Kylie Jenner’s birthday party pics for it) which has sparked an influx of the colour in popular culture. These days, it’s rare that popular culture favours neon and bright over muted and pastel, so I for one want to make the most it.

As a result, this weekend I sought to make pink and black work together. Keep scrolling to see how…


Despite my love for colourful aesthetics, something about my black blazer and cycling shorts combo compelled me to not go full pink with my make-up. So I channelled black eyelids faded into a pink base and pink lips for good colour measure – I wanted the harshness of black not to contrast the vibrancy of pink, but instead work with it.

On my eyelids, I created a base Juvia’s Place Festival Palette (which I have already reviewed here) and started with a peach-pink base before packing on the bright pink. Once all was said and blended, I dipped into my Violet Voss Hashtag Palette matte black for the large of my eyelids, blending that out with the neon pink from Juvia’s Festival. On my lips was a shade-mix of the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick’s in Rose Matter and Skin Tight.

I sometimes wonder if my maturer self will ever look back at my peculiar fascination with bright colours and cringe. In some ways, I hope she does. What a brilliant conversation starter that will be when people ask thirty-something year old me why I only ever wear black dresses to formal events.

But for now, I’ll continue to think in pink.

6 thoughts on “Thinking In Pink

  1. this is my new favorite smoky eye EVER – love the warm toes and they made the look more dramatic but less harsh, if that makes sense? ha


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