Let Your Lips Do The Halloween Talking

There is nothing toned-down about werewolves, witches, risen-again skeletons, creepy clowns and the rest of Halloween’s scary stock types. But sometimes, it is understandable to want to tone down your Halloween make-up. Not everyone likes thick black cat-eyeliner or wants to wear cheap face paint (because who is really investing in expensive face paint for one celebration?) or wants to have a face full of liquid latex.

It is undeniable that not everyone has the desire or means to sport all-out-there Halloween glam. I recognise that some of you have work, personal commitments, etc. that mean you can’t spend 5 hours in the mirror carving out a multi-colour skeletons face. That’s a shame really – 5 hours in front of the mirror is exactly how I plan to spend this Halloween in a bid to ignore my uni assignments.

This means that we must look for new ways of going glam for Halloween that is both beyond the norms of extravagant designs but not humdrum. We need something that is stately but chic; something that adds a new spin on the bold conventions of Halloween.

I believe that a bold lip is your best friend this Halloween.

If you want to inject a spooky essence into your make-up but don’t have the desire or means to go ‘all out’, scaring yourself with the prospect of a bold lip is a plausible reinstatement.

A bold swish of a striking lip paint, be it liquid, lipstick, peel-off, tint, etc., is all you need. And do not be scared of intense or dark colour –  you were only going to channel this creativity in fake blood or splashes of glitter.

A glossy red or jet black matte or metallic purple lip will add that Halloween vibe to your face without forcing you to compromise on looking glam. These three colours have the potential to turn subtle eye-shadow or a dusting of highlighter into an unwound Halloween look. Lipstick is attention-grabbing when it is daring – let lazy people reach for the fake blood and glitter.



Red is your ally this Halloween, no matter how much you shy away from it every other day of the year. It makes a statement: you’re playing up to blood aesthetics with an air of assurance that this look, this Halloween vibe, is glam by the grace of red’s usual boldness. Just at this time of year, it’s the spectacle of Halloween’s essence from a tasteful angle.

Josie Marie Suggests
MAC Lipglass in ‘Ruby Woo’, £15.50, available at maccosmetics.co.uk
E.l.f Highshine Liquid Lip Gloss in ‘Red Apple’, £5, available at elfcosmetics.co.uk



A black lip is a not-so-subtle style that lets you feel at one with Halloween without layering face paint on. It is not a conventional lip, nor is it a comfortable one. It requires maintenance, and many would shy away in fear of it being “too much”, “too intense” or “not pretty.” But Halloween is not about shying away. And if you’re feeling particularly fearless, I would say contrast your black lip with a neon lip-liner.

Josie Marie Suggests
Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in ‘Midnight’, £18, available at beautybay.com
Kiko Matte Liquid Lip Colour in ‘Anthracite’, £7.90, available at kikocosmetics.com



Christian Dior said that purple is the “King of colours.” So if you slip into a purple lip this Halloween, just know you’re on a royal route. Purple is a facial sign that reads “black and red aren’t the only colours of Halloween – and here’s my testimony to that.” It’s vibrant and unique, but doesn’t stray too far from Halloween colour convention.

Josie Marie Suggests
Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Metallic Liquid Lipstick in ‘Grape Crush’, £15, at beautybay.com
Beauty Bakerie Metallic Lip Whip in ‘The Grape Life’, £16, at beautybay.com

If you feel apprehensive to try a bold lip this Halloween, just remember that being scared is all in the celebrations nature. So get a grip, and get painting those lips.

2 thoughts on “Let Your Lips Do The Halloween Talking

  1. the red and purple and stunning!! i don’t think i could ever pull off a black lip but think it looks amazing with a dramatic wing! x


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