Why I Might Celebrate Galentine’s Day On The 13th AND 14th

February is always confusing. It’s chilly outside but the high street is warm with red… and it is mostly Valentine’s Day themed products. The world seems charged with a mix of commercialism and the single/couple binary.

I find both combos – commercialism and romantic relationship-love, commercialism and self-love – annoying. I am not convinced by commercialism’s attempts to plunge us into the need to either love our romantic-other or ourselves in the name of purchasing and/or receiving oversized teddy bears and flowers that will eventually die. Can we not just exercise love for the sake of love rather than to turn the wheels of mainstream commercialism?

What I am convinced by, however, is the new idea of ‘Galentines Day.’ I’m not a fan of the word, but I am a fan of the concept.

A quick google search reveals this lesser-celebrated, yet-to-be-rinsed holiday as one all about female friendships and the power of platonic love. Officially, it is supposed to be tomorrow (the 13th February) but if you’ve not managed to get yourself a valentine (yuck) then hold it out till Thursday and celebrate in true anti-valentine style.

And where friendship is concerned, tokens of affection are much better than rose petals on the bed (which are a nightmare to clean up) and suffocating candle-burnt scents. Instead, we can express affection with girly goodies. If we are going to feed into commercialism, let us do so with ingenuity.

Boux Avenue have dedicated a whole point of sale to Galentine’s Day, from friendship themed pyjamas to face masks for a girly night in. My favourite pieces are the BFF heart pyjama set if you’re spending it with friends, or the Rita Spot Short Pyjama Set if you want to treat one of the ladies in your life.

Whether it is yourself, your friends or your family you want to treat in the name of – dare I say it – Galentine’s, then swap the cheap candles for a Miss B Scent Diffuser and ditch lingerie for loungewear and pyjamas.

The beauty of Galentine’s Day lies in the lyrics of the Spice Girls’ Wannabe –  friendship never ends. You won’t have to watch your BFF pyjamas wither away to nothing like you would some cheap flowers from Tesco. And thus, I propose that I might celebrate Galentine’s because I love loungewear and pyjamas, and because I definitely prefer my friends to any Valentine I may have.

Use my discount code JOSIEOBOUX20 before 4pm on the 13th February to get your essential Galentine’s pieces on the Boux Avenue website. Celebrate your 14th February wisely.

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