You’re Probably Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

Wearing the right bra size is crucial. How could you not? It means comfort, support and the longevity of bouncy boobs. So, why is it estimated that 8 in every 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size?

I thought I was doing it right: getting measured regularly, wearing bras that fitted my shape, fabrics that didn’t irritate my skin and choosing straps with good adjustability. I had no idea how uncomfortable I actually was.

And it seems I’m not alone in this. Speaking to the ladies in my life and girls curious about my affiliation with Boux Avenue (the Queen company of choosing the right bra for you), most have told me that they have never been measured and/or feel uncomfortable in the size they have been measured in.For so many years, I was unaware how ill-fitting my lingerie was. A Monday afternoon trip into Boux Avenue to get re-measured by one of Boux’s expert and professional ladies changed my life! And this is all down to their bra fitting promise:

Our promise is to fit you with the best size and style of bra that fits and flatters your shape. Regardless of what the tape measure declares your underband to be, certain factors affect your size; the style of bra, the fabric, the shape of your bust and, of course, your own chosen preference.

My boobs and I were saved! And my new size and bras have shown me boob support and comfort like no other.

What I’ve Learnt

The ladies working at Boux Avenue are masters of the boob measuring art, and this is obvious in their work. I felt comfortable and somewhat excited when left in their hands. After being measured, I was told to keep up getting regular fittings, but was also downsized in my underband measurement. This is because as we wear bras, they stretch a fair amount. It is important to start wearing a bra that feels tighter on the loosest clasp so you can gradually decrease the clasp as the bra gets naturally looser, meaning you get more life out of your lingerie.

You can also get the most out of your bras through hand-washing them and not wearing them for too long at a time – one or two days interchange is ideal. This way, the elasticity won’t wear out quickly and the bra will have time to rest.Aside from the colourful displays and dreamy floral smell, my favourite thing about going to Boux Avenue is the bra fitting. A luxury experience with a comfortable feel. And the best bit? Leaving with new bras that I know will support my boobs while keeping them bouncy!

If you’ve not been measured at Boux Avenue, I think it’s time that you do. No appointment needed – just pop into your local store when you’re next free and let the Boux experts do the rest. Once you know your size, head over to their site with my discount code JOSIEOBOUX20 under your belt to get 20% off the ‘new in’ bras.

Guarantee a life of bouncy boobs by always wearing the right size.

Josie Marie x

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