Living In A Woman’s World This March

International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and the release of Boux’s new Emmeline balconette bra – we’re living in a woman’s world this month. And here’s a quick rundown on why these events make the perfect medley in March.

img_2682-1Boux Avenue’s new lace balconette bra is named after Emmeline Pankhurst. She was a key figure in the British suffragette movement and fought for us ladies to have the right to vote. Her once ‘radical’ views are now our normality.  

Fusing her memory with International Women’s Day, a worldwide celebration of the successes of women, reminds us how far we have come – both collectively and individually. This fusion prompts us to appreciate the women around us and their role in the progression of womankind.That’s why it is no coincidence that Mother’s Day joins International Women’s Day and Boux’s celebration of Emmeline Pankhurst this month. Together, they are events that make the ultimate fem-trinity.

And in keeping with the girl-power theme dominating March, the new Emmeline lace balconette bra is the perfect Mother’s Day present. With a choice of colours almost as radical as Pankhurst’s views once were (I’m talking Tangerine, Teal and 2 different shades of pink), Boux Avenue’s latest release caters to colour and comfort.img_2684The Emmeline bra also goes up to a G-cup for all my ladies who struggle to find their size. We really have come a long way.

Enjoy this month of the woman. And don’t forget to use my discount code JOSIEOBOUX20 for 20% your Emmeline bra purchase on the Boux Avenue site!

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