4 Reasons To Cut Your Hair Short

I used to cry when the hairdresser would cut my hair shorter than I wanted. Asking for ‘all my split ends off’ at 12 years old meant asking for most of my hair off.

But now, at the ripe age of 21, I explicitly asked my hairdresser to cut it all off. I wanted to trade in my long hair for a blunt bob. Half inspired by Olivia Pierson’s new bleached look, and half inspired by a fear of Australian humidity when I travel there in September, it felt the right time in my life to get The Chop.

And there was no tears this time round. Naturally, I was apprehensive when the time came. I knew that the rats tails I had been sporting for a good few months had to go, but cutting off inches of hair that I had spent years growing was daunting.

I don’t regret The Chop. It’s helped me appreciate change and the philosophy that cut hair always grows back. Which is why I’m now here, writing this blog post dedicated to reasons why you should maybe cut your hair, too.

Reason 1.

Your hair looks instantly healthier. Trimming off those dead ends leaves room for only healthy locks – the half of your locks that is closer to your scalp, that is.

Reason 2.

It stays in shape after styling. Admittedly, short hair takes longer to style because you’re styling from the root (something I found avoidable when quickly running the straighteners through my long hair), but curls and straight styles hold for longer.

Reason 3.

It will help you overcome any childhood trauma you have with asking for a big change at the hairdressers.

Reason 4.

One colour hair looks so good in a bob. And going one hue means that colouring is easier to do, easier to manage. I stayed loyal to jet black, but silver, bleach blonde and bright red are always good bob colour choices.

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