The Supplement Gummies That Your Tan NEEDS

I love a tanning product that doesn’t put my skin at risk – fake-tan, spray-tans, tan-water, an SPF-heavy day in the sun. Which is why UTan’s Tan Gummies have gained a place on my bathroom shelf.

*This is a sponsored post*

UTan is an innovative tanning company offering products from tanning mousse to tanning water. But the brand also produces tanning gummies. In fact, UTan promises that their gummies are the only authentic and original tanning gummies. And what about these gummies? Well, they’re game changers. 

The gummies, available as standard Tan Gummies and the super-strength Vaycay Gummies, are a blend of essential plant nutrients that enhance the development and intensity of your tan from within. Speaking on the products, UTan states that the patent pending technology of the gummies allows ‘potent actives to be held in the buccal cavity for a considerable time, resulting in direct absorption through the  the cheek walls.’

Gummy ingredients include copper for the maintenance of normal skin pigmentation and Vitamin C to help with the formation of collagen in the skin, as well as Zinc and Riboflavin for the maintenance of your skin’s normal condition.

Alongside the clever blend of vitamins and nutrients is unreal flavouring. The standard Tan Gummies come in a juicy raspberry flavour, while the Vaycay gummies are a peachy-‘sex on the beach’ flavour. Both flavours are so delicious that it’s a real struggle to refrain from eating them like sweets.

Used consistently for a 3-4 weeks, taking the Tan Gummies alone will give your skin a light golden glow. To achieve this, they must be taken 3 times a day in conjunction with sun exposure.

The Vaycay Gummies are much stronger than the Tan Gummies. UTan suggests taking the Vaycay Gummies three days before a week or so of regular sun exposure, such as a vacation or bank hol weekend in the sun. You can also take both types of gummies alongside one another for the best possible results.

After my summer holiday in June, I was desperate to keep my tan topped up without too much UV exposure. So, with just a few hot days of English sun and some clever little gummies, I was able to prolong my tan. And of course, tan lines were a necessary evil in the process.
Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset
UTan’s gummies are a brilliant solution to OTT sun exposure or an unhealthy amount of sunbeds. They help you develop a deeper tan in a shorter space of time by working from within.

You can purchase both gummies as a combo here, direct from the UTan website. They are also available on Superdrug, Amazon and Look Fantastic. However, don’t forget that with any sun or UV exposure, an SPF is essential. 

Gummies or no gummies, always protect your skin.

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