Le Specs’ Sleek Cat-Eye Shades

When classic silhouettes meet contemporary style in the world of shades, small cat-eye sunglasses are born… and Bondi Beach’s Le Specs hasn’t disappointed on this front. Their approach to design and fashion has produced some of the grooviest shades this side of 2010, finding their staple style on a range of colourful sunnies.

Le Specs have merged the traditional cat-eye with the rising trend of small-enough-glasses in their latest ranges. But I’m not talking tiny lenses, I’m talking bold and beaut, as well as sleek and slim, frames with lenses big enough for UV protection.

I have always struggled with sunglasses – my eyebrows are too arched for smaller, rounded lenses but my face is too small for a large frame. When I discovered my 59mm lens Blaze Round Ray-Bans, I thought I’d never find glasses I liked as much again. The perfect shape and size with a mirrored pink lens and sleek gold frame is a bit of me.

But behold, the small cat eye. The trend merges together high-end accessorising with a sleek design and wide accessibility. The price bracket Le Specs pieces sets them as a desirable item without having to break the bank (unless you wanted to channel some YSL or Dior this season) ranging from £40 to £90.

For a sporty-chic pair, The Fugitive pieces are perfect. But if you want to vibe with thicker frames and classy-but-colourful shades, The Last Lolita range is for you. There is literally no time like the present to put away your standard black square frames and invest in a staple pair of sunglasses before summer starts.

Think about it… it won’t be long until high street brands clock on. And while that’s all well and good, you’d defo feel better off sporting a more sophisticated brand for this trend. It’s an investment.

Le Specs really has come through with providing a range of designs on this iconic silhouette, and there’s something for your street-style, motocross or city-chic looks this summer. Personally, I’m feeling the gold and rose gold editions of each style – keeping the style elegant but still a little street.

Let me know what colours and styles you’re loving in time for Summer 2018,
Josie Marie xo

Why Colourful Eye-Shadow IS Classy


Colourful eyeshadow has become a centre of fear amongst the rise of nude trends and subtle glitter – but straying away from your usual gold and black smoky eye or matte brown staple look is more liberating than you think.

Replacing brown eyeshadow with red – and no, not a burgundy style red, a letterbox red – is the perfect place to start. Red eyeshadow is all the rage because it is colourful and not intimidating. It goes with black liner and a range of glitters and will set you free into the possibilities of colourful eyeshadow.

Red isn’t neon, it matches all your fave glitters and it’s familiar (we’ve all worn it on our lips.) Starting with red can lead you to darker pinks and as your blending confidence and faith in your creative streak grow, dark pinks will become baby pinks… And, baby pinks will become purples, and purples will become blues. Before you know it, green has become your staple eye look.

Believe me, I’ve been there.


So, what palettes should you invest in to kick-start your creative journey?

Urban Decay’s Full Spectrum Palette is the beginner’s holy grail for colourful shadow. It is lined with columns of colour groups in a range of finishes to provide you with choice. With choice comes possibilities, and with possibilities comes exploration. The shades in this palette are not neon and are all so easy to blend into one another. The brush provided in the palette has a large blending end which is perfect for tricky colour blending.

When you’re feeling braver and your colour confidence is peaking, look to some brighter shades. BH Cosmetics’ Take Me Back To Brazil palette is bold and bright, and great for colourful looks. Kylie Jenner’s brand also has a range of specific colour palettes for when you’re feeling one colour range.

In a world where nude palettes are a cosmetics staple item, it’s time to start breaking free. Put aside your Morphe 35O 35 and find space for Morphe 35B 35. Find space for creativity and you will watch your confidence as a make-up guru grow.

Josie Marie xo

Diana: Her Fashion Story

She knew that she was the most photographed woman in the world and she wanted to use that… to help others” – Geeta Sarin

Kensington Palace’s latest exhibition follows Princess Diana’s fashion journey through a collection of original and replica pieces. It explores how the Princess’ style evolved and influenced people.

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Jimmy Kors

From Hackney to Hollywood: Our London-listed love, Jimmy Choo, has been purchased in a deal worth almost £900m, Josie Marie (belatedly so) reports. It is safe to say that the brand is no longer Great Britain’s, let alone London’s.

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