Juvia’s Festival Palette Review

Juvia’s latest palette is one of 9 exuberant mattes and shimmers. The lack of “filler” shades and irrelevant colours that eventually blend into one makes this the ultimate summer (and thus festival) palette.

Festivals are generally agreed as the best time to be colourful, bold and extraordinarily creative. My festival memories of past summers are rife in glitter and crayoncolour aesthetics. These ventures are set to only get bolder this year.

A good palette has a mix of shimmers and mattesmattes are the vital base and transition shades. The pink undertones in the warm oranges and reds of this palette work with shimmered overtones in the gold, black and blue shades to inject a colourful energy into the exciting palette.

Although, as much as I love a vibrant shimmer, I do believe that it’s essential for matte shades to outnumber shimmers in eyeshadow palettes. Luckily, modern day makeup does pigment pot, loose pans, loose glitter, gel glitters and more to couple with matte palettes and matte shade groups.

Juvia’s Place kept this in mind with the curation of the Festival palette. The shimmer shades are not overbearingly glittery, nor do they seek to be. The vibrancy of the colours behind the shimmer takes aesthetic precedence.

The colour coding of the mustard, oranges and reds encourages mix’n’match looks if two-tone lids aren’t your forte. The ability to mix colours so effortlessly, and for them to blend on the lid so seamlessly, is what makes this palette take an early lead in the festival makeup of 2018.  


When I first used the palette, I couldn’t believe how pigmented the shades were. Nor could I believe how each variant of red and orange (both over and undertones) was distinctive and didn’t blend into one general shade when applied. Admittedly, the shimmer shades aren’t as pigmented as the mattes, but applying these on top of wet concealer would help them zing.

A large blending brush with the level of pigment given creates some vibrant and effortless looks. Start with the paler orange or mustard shade and build up a base on your lid before embellishing with bold reds or the shimmer shades. I tend to apply the shimmers with a flat brush: large for an effortless shimmer look or small for a precise or cut-create look.

My only issue was how loose the shimmers tend to be when you pack them on. I suggest applying these before your face makeup due to the amount of product that escapes the brush and finds itself under your eyes. Once applied, however, the colour stays in place.

I created the above look with purely Juvia’s Festival shade. I built a base by mixing the mustard and pale orange before defining my crease with  the darkest red. After that, I applied the gold shimmer to the large of my lid (on top of wet concealer) and the black shimmer subtly in my outer corner.

You can purchase Juvia’s Festival online at Beauty Bay in the UK at just £20. Worth the money? Definitely.

Colours Of Spring: Pink & Orange

Daffodils littered the streets, flower beds, botanical gardens, vases with shallow bases – yellow is the colour of Easter. But in the aftermath of Easter weekend (purple foil wrappers everywhere, a constant sinking feeling of ‘how many choc eggs have I eaten?’) we must now start questioning – what are the colours of Spring?

For me, its pink and orange. Both together and apart.

I’ve always been intrigued by how bright colours work together. And while yellow is the brightest of them all, it doesn’t always play fair with other colours. However, pink and orange reign bright and make the perfect team.

As April takes off and one hopes the sun shall start appearing more, it’s time to start thinking of ways these colours can work, and where?

This Easter weekend, I brought my anti-neutral style to the anything-but-neutral city of London. There is something about London that makes me want to do something personally unprecedented. This weekend was bold stripes, bold colours, and bold makeup to match.

In short: I sacrificed convention and Easter tradition in the name of pink and orange stripes. I even wore barely-there heels in a distancing from my comfy footwear philosophy.

There are too many colour recommendations I could make for the hot months of 2018, but I would be writing all day. What I am doing in lieu of this is plucking out my two favourites that will play fair and are accessible in volume across both high street and luxury style.

Stay tuned to Josie Marie for more pink and orange combos.

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend,
Josie Marie xo

Not Your Average St. Patrick’s Day Eye-Shadow Inspo

In the name of St Patrick’s Day, the beauty world is going to churn out a magnitude of bright green looks this weekend. But green can be a tough one – vibrant or soft? Glitter or matte? One shade or multi-colour cut crease?

It feels like a time where not bleeding green makes you the Irish Grinch without the green body… A major paradox. But green isn’t the only route to take this St Patrick’s Day and you can just as easily seek inspiration from more elegant Irish traditions.

Focusing too closely on Instagram looks and trying to abide by that culture, rather than the celebration, isn’t what this weekend’s makeup should be about. Delve deeper than mainstream culture and look for truly Irish inspiration that you can add a personal touch to.  

Here are some looks I’m going to be channelling over this weekend…

End-of-the-rainbow pot of gold

Folkloric bronze

Celtic embellishment

Ireland isn’t called the Green Isle, it’s our very own Emerald Isle. A name so classy calls for more than bright green clichés. It calls for golds and bronzes and deep emerald greens.

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day,
Josie Marie xo

If It Isn’t Blue, It Isn’t True

Blue is the latest statement colour on lids across cyberspace and the world… If it isn’t blue, it isn’t true.

A new wave of block-blue eyeshadow has woven itself into recent fashion weeks and Instagram culture. Kourtney Kardashian has done it, I’ve done it (lol), and a magnitude of artists were doing it. Blue isn’t black so it isn’t harsh, but a touch of navy can add impressive depth to one’s eyeshadow.

Even in its lighter forms, pastel forms and intense shimmer forms, blue lends that extra classy bit of colour to an eye look. Luckily, the tonal range and versatility of blue suits all eye colours. Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram post from Japan with a block-blue look created by celebrity make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic (@MakeupByMario) had me feeling some type of way. 

So what?

It isn’t just the Kardashian’s that Mario has been creating this look for. I did some research and found similar block looks littered through his Instagram. I was defo feeling some type of way.

A few months ago, Mario did a demo session with Revlon and created one of the most outstanding blue eyeshadow looks Instagram holds. It was a block-blue lid on model Sarah Simmons, blended into a base of turquoise, with purple shadow lining her bottom water line.

Naturally, I had to recreate it.

This style of look may feel scary because of the intensity of colour, or perhaps your fear rests on the importance of blending, but it is relatively easy to recreate. I went straight in with Urban Decay Full Spectrum and covered my lid and crease with vibrant blue shade ‘Blindsided.’ Base down – I moved on to duller (but by no means lesser) blue ‘Metamorphoses’ and covered my lid.

Face make-up done, I went in with a mix of the purple ‘Sketch’ and the pink ‘Gossip’ to line my water eye. Voila! A finished look served by Josie Marie.

So, actually now what?

Ultimately, blue does scare people, there’s no two ways about it. Blue eyeshadow when you’re not even sure if you can contour yet? I must be joking!

Truth is, nobody really gets it right. I messed up my recreation, but that doesn’t discredit the effort and the skill it takes to blend or the confidence to start stepping out of your comfort zone. Lucky for me, colour is my comfort zone. And it’s cool if it isn’t yours, but confidence is cool regardless, so if that means covering your lid in one tone of blue or three, it will work if you let it.

Josie Marie xo

Le Specs’ Sleek Cat-Eye Shades

When classic silhouettes meet contemporary style in the world of shades, small cat-eye sunglasses are born… and Bondi Beach’s Le Specs hasn’t disappointed on this front. Their approach to design and fashion has produced some of the grooviest shades this side of 2010, finding their staple style on a range of colourful sunnies.

Le Specs have merged the traditional cat-eye with the rising trend of small-enough-glasses in their latest ranges. But I’m not talking tiny lenses, I’m talking bold and beaut, as well as sleek and slim, frames with lenses big enough for UV protection.

I have always struggled with sunglasses – my eyebrows are too arched for smaller, rounded lenses but my face is too small for a large frame. When I discovered my 59mm lens Blaze Round Ray-Bans, I thought I’d never find glasses I liked as much again. The perfect shape and size with a mirrored pink lens and sleek gold frame is a bit of me.

But behold, the small cat eye. The trend merges together high-end accessorising with a sleek design and wide accessibility. The price bracket Le Specs pieces sets them as a desirable item without having to break the bank (unless you wanted to channel some YSL or Dior this season) ranging from £40 to £90.

For a sporty-chic pair, The Fugitive pieces are perfect. But if you want to vibe with thicker frames and classy-but-colourful shades, The Last Lolita range is for you. There is literally no time like the present to put away your standard black square frames and invest in a staple pair of sunglasses before summer starts.

Think about it… it won’t be long until high street brands clock on. And while that’s all well and good, you’d defo feel better off sporting a more sophisticated brand for this trend. It’s an investment.

Le Specs really has come through with providing a range of designs on this iconic silhouette, and there’s something for your street-style, motocross or city-chic looks this summer. Personally, I’m feeling the gold and rose gold editions of each style – keeping the style elegant but still a little street.

Let me know what colours and styles you’re loving in time for Summer 2018,
Josie Marie xo

Why Colourful Eye-Shadow IS Classy


Colourful eyeshadow has become a centre of fear amongst the rise of nude trends and subtle glitter – but straying away from your usual gold and black smoky eye or matte brown staple look is more liberating than you think.

Replacing brown eyeshadow with red – and no, not a burgundy style red, a letterbox red – is the perfect place to start. Red eyeshadow is all the rage because it is colourful and not intimidating. It goes with black liner and a range of glitters and will set you free into the possibilities of colourful eyeshadow.

Red isn’t neon, it matches all your fave glitters and it’s familiar (we’ve all worn it on our lips.) Starting with red can lead you to darker pinks and as your blending confidence and faith in your creative streak grow, dark pinks will become baby pinks… And, baby pinks will become purples, and purples will become blues. Before you know it, green has become your staple eye look.

Believe me, I’ve been there.


So, what palettes should you invest in to kick-start your creative journey?

Urban Decay’s Full Spectrum Palette is the beginner’s holy grail for colourful shadow. It is lined with columns of colour groups in a range of finishes to provide you with choice. With choice comes possibilities, and with possibilities comes exploration. The shades in this palette are not neon and are all so easy to blend into one another. The brush provided in the palette has a large blending end which is perfect for tricky colour blending.

When you’re feeling braver and your colour confidence is peaking, look to some brighter shades. BH Cosmetics’ Take Me Back To Brazil palette is bold and bright, and great for colourful looks. Kylie Jenner’s brand also has a range of specific colour palettes for when you’re feeling one colour range.

In a world where nude palettes are a cosmetics staple item, it’s time to start breaking free. Put aside your Morphe 35O 35 and find space for Morphe 35B 35. Find space for creativity and you will watch your confidence as a make-up guru grow.

Josie Marie xo

Diana: Her Fashion Story

She knew that she was the most photographed woman in the world and she wanted to use that… to help others” – Geeta Sarin

Kensington Palace’s latest exhibition follows Princess Diana’s fashion journey through a collection of original and replica pieces. It explores how the Princess’ style evolved and influenced people.

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Moschino has made My Little Pony high-end fashion in pastel colours and millennial cuts. It is a pony themed dream come true… thank you, Jeremy Scott. The labels SS18 capsule collection brings home nostalgia and dream-like tropes as it clocks into the fairy-tale corner of our imaginations. If you are one for pastels, ponies and all things pretty, look no further for a new wardrobe favourite than this collection.

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Welcome back, neon animal prints layered with funky logos and contrasting patterns! It’s all in the ASOS X MTV collection and it is all so wonderfully weird.
Rocking pink and green leopard print on a fanny pack that matches your socks and oversized top is something from my wonderfully weird and wildest dreams. Every piece of this 80’s inspired summer collection is bold.

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