A Look Into Beauty Bay’s EYN Bright Collection

When Beauty Bay launched their first own-brand eyeshadow palettes in September 2018, I thought to myself I’ll have to try those. Finally, over a year later, I got around to it. And I can confirm that Beauty Bay weren’t messing about. After trying their EYN Bright 9 Colour Palette, I am obsessed.

The EYN Bright 9 Colour Palette is a modest collection of rainbow-hued eyeshadows. It has shimmer, glitter and matte formulas in an array of colours, and funky shade names to match. Processed with VSCO with dog1 presetDescribing the palette, Beauty Bay promised that all of the shades are blendable and highly-pigmented for soft and subtle or bold and eye-catching looks alike. And IMO, they delivered. The pigment and durability of all the shades in the 9 colour palette is STRONG. Once I had swatched the shades, I couldn’t wait to get creative.

My Look

I used the EYN Bright 9 Colour Palette to create a blue-pink-purple look with a bright lid. I started by applying Tutti Frutti, a salmon pink matte, across my crease and upper eyelid with a large blending brush. I then deepened the pink base by using Spectrum Collections’ A07 brush to darken my crease with Surrel Strawberry, a strawberry pink matte.Processed with VSCO with dog1 presetAfter creating a pink base, I took Blue Vibes, a deep blue shade, to my crease with the BH Cosmetics 103 Small Shader brush. I very slightly blended it into the top of my eyelid and to the outer corner of my eye to add some dimension.

For the eyelid, I simply applied Lagoon, a teal shimmer, to the middle and inner corner of my eyelid with my fingertip. I am really loving ‘messy’ and loose make-up looks recently. Not only do they look good, but they take the stress out of trying to create a precise look like a cut crease or halo-eye.Processed with VSCO with dog1 presetAnd to complete the bright eye look, I applied Candid Candyfloss, a light pink shimmer, to my brow bone and inner corner with the Spectrum Collections A12 Fluffy Pencil brush.

On my eyelashes I wore Benefit’s Bad Gal Bang mascara – my firm second favourite to Roller Lash. On my lips I wore Jouer Cosmetics’ High Pigment Lip Gloss in the shade Beverly. I chose a gloss that had a bright strawberry-pink tone similar to the initial pink base I created with EYN palette. Big up co-ordination.Processed with VSCO with dog1 presetIf the EYN Bright 9 Colour Palette is anything to judge by, Beauty Bay’s entire EYN Bright collection shares the same levels of pigment pay-off as brands like Juvia’s Place and Violet Voss.

My favourite shade from the 9 colour palette is undeniably Lagoon. The shimmer’s pay-off, as I hope comes through in the pictures, was on Jeffree Star highlighter levels – BLINDING. Even when applied with a fingertip, Lagoon’s pay-off was smooth and blendable, but intense.

After trying Beauty Bay’s 9 colour EYN Bright palette, I intend on upping my rainbow-hue dosage from 9 to 42 ASAP.

Shop the 9 shade palette here: https://www.beautybay.com/p/beauty-bay/eyn-bright-matte-9-colour-palette/ and the rest of the EYN Bright collection on http://www.beautybay.com.

Thinking In Pink

A few months ago I wrote something about why pink and orange are the colours of Spring. My follow up from that, which I have testified to already, is that these colours have followed me into winter.

Call me lazy, call me biased, but regardless of season, I’ll always lean towards bright colours. Continue reading “Thinking In Pink”

Juvia’s Festival Palette Review

Juvia’s latest palette is one of 9 exuberant mattes and shimmers. The lack of “filler” shades and irrelevant colours that eventually blend into one makes this the ultimate summer (and thus festival) palette.

Festivals are generally agreed as the best time to be colourful, bold and extraordinarily creative. My festival memories of past summers are rife in glitter and crayoncolour aesthetics. These ventures are set to only get bolder this year.

A good palette has a mix of shimmers and mattesmattes are the vital base and transition shades. The pink undertones in the warm oranges and reds of this palette work with shimmered overtones in the gold, black and blue shades to inject a colourful energy into the exciting palette.

Although, as much as I love a vibrant shimmer, I do believe that it’s essential for matte shades to outnumber shimmers in eyeshadow palettes. Luckily, modern day makeup does pigment pot, loose pans, loose glitter, gel glitters and more to couple with matte palettes and matte shade groups.

Juvia’s Place kept this in mind with the curation of the Festival palette. The shimmer shades are not overbearingly glittery, nor do they seek to be. The vibrancy of the colours behind the shimmer takes aesthetic precedence.

The colour coding of the mustard, oranges and reds encourages mix’n’match looks if two-tone lids aren’t your forte. The ability to mix colours so effortlessly, and for them to blend on the lid so seamlessly, is what makes this palette take an early lead in the festival makeup of 2018.  


When I first used the palette, I couldn’t believe how pigmented the shades were. Nor could I believe how each variant of red and orange (both over and undertones) was distinctive and didn’t blend into one general shade when applied. Admittedly, the shimmer shades aren’t as pigmented as the mattes, but applying these on top of wet concealer would help them zing.

A large blending brush with the level of pigment given creates some vibrant and effortless looks. Start with the paler orange or mustard shade and build up a base on your lid before embellishing with bold reds or the shimmer shades. I tend to apply the shimmers with a flat brush: large for an effortless shimmer look or small for a precise or cut-create look.

My only issue was how loose the shimmers tend to be when you pack them on. I suggest applying these before your face makeup due to the amount of product that escapes the brush and finds itself under your eyes. Once applied, however, the colour stays in place.

I created the above look with purely Juvia’s Festival shade. I built a base by mixing the mustard and pale orange before defining my crease with  the darkest red. After that, I applied the gold shimmer to the large of my lid (on top of wet concealer) and the black shimmer subtly in my outer corner.

You can purchase Juvia’s Festival online at Beauty Bay in the UK at just £20. Worth the money? Definitely.