Not Your Average St. Patrick’s Day Eye-Shadow Inspo

In the name of St Patrick’s Day, the beauty world is going to churn out a magnitude of bright green looks this weekend. But green can be a tough one – vibrant or soft? Glitter or matte? One shade or multi-colour cut crease?

It feels like a time where not bleeding green makes you the Irish Grinch without the green body… A major paradox. But green isn’t the only route to take this St Patrick’s Day and you can just as easily seek inspiration from more elegant Irish traditions.

Focusing too closely on Instagram looks and trying to abide by that culture, rather than the celebration, isn’t what this weekend’s makeup should be about. Delve deeper than mainstream culture and look for truly Irish inspiration that you can add a personal touch to.  

Here are some looks I’m going to be channelling over this weekend…

End-of-the-rainbow pot of gold

Folkloric bronze

Celtic embellishment

Ireland isn’t called the Green Isle, it’s our very own Emerald Isle. A name so classy calls for more than bright green clichés. It calls for golds and bronzes and deep emerald greens.

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day,
Josie Marie xo

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